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CryoDerm Myofascial Cream

CryoDerm Myofascial Cream

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Product Summary

From the creators of CryoDerm® comes a brand new Myofascial Cream with Glide to Resistance Ratio Technology, insuring you get Grip without slip that allows you to work the deeper invested fascia while maintaining just the right amount of glide. 

Product Details

The Cream has a tingly peppermint sensation and contains MSM, Arnica, Boswellia & ILEX for maximum therapeutic benefit. Use with all manual modalities including tools to address adhesion's in muscles and tendons. CryoDerm® Myofascial products are a game changer that will enhance your work and insure the best possible outcome for your patients.

Use the CryoDerm® Myofascial Cream when treating with tools made from Stainless Steel or other materials for the purpose of specific tissue mobilization, stretching connective tissue and muscle fibres, separating and breaking down scar tissues collagen cross-links.

CryoDerm® Myofascial Cream is one of the most trusted products used by Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists and Sports Therapists for relaxing damaged tissue and all other occasions where manual therapies are being applied for Soft Tissue Injuries, Joint Pain, Neurological Pain and or the restoration of proper function and ROM.

Features and Benefits

  • All natural and free of all chemicals.
  • Contains no artificial colours or fragrances.
  • Treats a wide range of pain symptoms.
  • Works the deeper invested fascia while maintaining just the right amount of glide.
  • Thoroughly researched and developed specifically for use by the professional therapist.
  • Use with all manual modalities to address adhesion's in muscles and tendons
  • Eases the muscles and allows the tension to lessen in your client's body.
  • Helps your clients achieve a quicker route to recovery.

      List of Ingredients

      CryoDerm® Myofascial Cream contains a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients including: Eucalyptus, Peppermint Oil, MSM and herbal extracts of Arnica, Boswellia and Ilex.

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